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One of the most compelling reasons to spend time at the Grand Canyon is its endless expansiveness. Measuring 46 miles from north to south, and miles across at a single point, it defies the imagination to comprehend it, much less to comprehend how the Grand Canyon was formed. But there are many ways to consider the age and significance of the Grand Canyon. When we consider the way the canyon was formed, we see that the Grand Canyon National Park and the Hualapai Nation are inextricably intertwined. Touring the Grand Canyon is more than just a marvelous vacation experience. It is also a wonderful experience of history and culture. The Grand Canyon is a visual time capsule containing the evolution of life on earth. The canyon was formed by water that constantly slides through the canyon walls, providing cooling water for a tropical environment in a location where it had never been before. The water runs downward through the upper layers of the earth's crust. The river formed from the melting glaciers that covered the earth's surface during the last ice age. The process of melting formed the South Rim, the inner rim of the canyon. The flood waters then carved a river channel at the bottom of the Colorado River. The National Park Service has put a lot of thought into finding the absolute best place to showcase the Colorado River and its unique geology. The canyon has a long history of human use. For more than 10,000 years, the Hualapai Tribe provided the canyon to the few who could appreciate it. But the area was little more than a far-flung desert outpost where tribes would gather and trade among themselves. It wasn't until the year 1890 when the first railroad finally penetrated the area that the area became fully explored and mapped. This is when geologists began to have a better appreciation for the area and the geology of the canyon. As the region was explored, it was recognized that the river had its headwaters in the Black Mountains of southern Nevada, and that the river originated in the High Plateaus of Arizona. The exploration and study of the canyon continued throughout the 20th century. The Department of the Interior attempted to dam the Colorado River to provide more water for the growing Los Angeles, but when more study was done on the geology of the area, it was discovered that it would be impossible to dam the river. These studies proved that an impenetrable barrier was formed at this time and that was the



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Florian Poddelka Photos Download odelmar

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